Exhibit 1381.

[Spanish L.S. P I.R, 879.3 ]

AUGUST 21, 1900

To the Brigadier General, Superior Military Commander of this Province of Leyte.

In view of the unofficial news which I received regarding the true condition of the guerrilla band under the command of the officer Jorge Kapili and the fact that communication was difficult both for these headquarters and for him, for the purpose of studying carefully the state of the campaign and of outlining a plan of attack, if possible, on the town of Abuyog, I went on the 18th instant, accompanied by two soldiers, for this purpose to the place where this officer was. But to my surprise when I arrived at the chapel of Buena Vista and Sabang, in the center of said town, I found groups of Americans: it became impossible for me therefore, to reach the detachment of the said officer, and I sent him orders to report to me, remaining hidden in the vicinity of said place.

But during the 19th and 20th instants, while awaiting him, several residents of said place recounted actions which were not only indecorous but even outrageous, which they attributed to said officer, that I with regret place before you as follows:

Without being able to state exactly the dates upon which these acts occurred, it appears that the officer referred to, having received some pieces of blue striped cloth, collected sewing machines to make clothes for the troops. By order of said office, the hair of a woman called Pitang, the owner of one of these machines, was cut off, and she as well as her husband were beaten. As this woman had a brother who was a boloman in the guerrilla band, the officer ordered that he be closely watched and held strictly responsible for any mutinous acts he might commit, and as the person referred to was able to say between gasps that "as soon as his pains got better he would go to Tacloban or Manila" the said boloman informed the captain hereof, fearing a greater punishment if he did not do so. The captain thereupon ordered the recapture of this man who was then again beaten, resulting in the breaking of his arms and legs, and his death yesterday.

A woman named Dayang coming from the town, seeing the Americans landing behind her and coming in the direction of the place where the guerrillas were, arriving in good time she in good faith informed Sr. Kapili of this fact. And because the Americans could not get to said place he ordered the woman to be beaten. And because a chief (cabeza) called Ponso, a lieutenant of bolomen, was not able to bring information in time regarding the Americans who left Abuyog, he also received several blows and is at this moment in agony. The acts which I have stated are the cause for discouragement in the town of Abuyog, and if the conduct of the said officer is not stopped soon, the consequences might be prejudicial to the cause we defend, although at the present time the people are quiet due to the incessant advice of the local Chief and the citizen Seņor Eulalio Porillo.

In spite of my orders, said officer did not report to me, nor did he deign to answer the communication I sent him for the purpose; and instead of doing so promptly in view of its importance, he left the place where he was and took the road to Baybay, and afterwards the road of Sogod, without my having seen him. By virtue hereof, and having received information that the enemy would again make reconnoissances in the mountains of Abuyog and Alimunangan, I returned here without delay, for the purpose of taking the proper steps.

All of which I have the honor to inform you for the proper purposes of justice.

God preserve you many years.

AUGUST 21, 1900.

Lieutenant Colonel, 1st in command.