Exhibit 1377.

[Original in Spanish. A.L.S. P I.R, 1237 4.]

CAPANHIAN, [LEYTE], April 21, 1900.

GENERAL: I have arrived at my post safely. I have the honor of sending you a case containing the powder, 5 barrels and three butts for muskets, and one musket of a good class. The cartridges, machine and other things have not been found as yet, but We will try to find them. I also send you the person of Natalio Mostales, a former workman of the arsenal, who has his tools with him and can work there.

I also have the honor to inform you that the local chief of Palo, Egmidio Acebedo, is col1ecting from the residents the personal certificate and fifteen days' service taxes. He has also established the taxes which were in force under the Spanish regime, such as the lighting, slaughterhouse, and cleaning tax, etc. etc. All persons living near the town of Palo submit hereto and are watching the persons of my command, as was the case last night when a member of Igme's party saw my people gathering bolomen and cried out aloud to the others to prepare themĚ selves. All these people have recently been converted by said Igme. The latter is spreading the information that our independence is far off, for which reason they should surrender and submit to the Americans. However, I am taking all the steps possible to convert these people again who are in the power of Igme.

At the present time the Americans are always in the barracks and have placed the police as guards in the town. The people along the places where we pass have also been set to watch us, and as soon as they see us they inform Igme. If they should not do so, they are to be severely punished, according to a proclamations which he has issued; hence the people watch us through fear.

The undersigned, as the zone commander, can no longer tolerate this action on the part of Captain Igme; but respecting the instructions of my General, I have not wished to order the death of the said Igme. But if you order that he be taken alive or dead, I myself will go to the town to kill that traitor, because after the leader is dead, the followers will weaken.

Up to the present time I have not conducted any operations, because I am awaiting the rifles which are in the hand of the Tagalog Pango.

Yours, etc.

(Signed) LEON ROJAS.

I will send the rice within a few days, as the agent has not arrived so far.