Exhibit 1376.

[Original in Spanish. A.L.S. P.I.R. 1204 1 ]

PALO, [LEYTE], April 7, 1900.

My DEAR SIR: On the 31st of March elections were held in Palo, a Municipal Presidente with the three Commissioners being elected by a majority of votes. We have accepted the terms of the Americans for the tranquillity of the people, and in order that they may devote themselves to work: to put an end to the innumerable abuses and outrages which each day go on increasing, especially kidnappings, piracy and vandalism, which are committed everywhere, and most especially sentences of death imposed for no reason but to satisfy some unworthy vengeance. The perpetrators of these deeds were the absolute owners of the lives of all, taking advantage of, and sheltering themselves under, the name of "la patria." Here there have been crimes never before known. For these reasons it was ordered that all the people should accept the elections and serve and assist the government. I suppose there will be wrong constructions, as is already known, but the aim of the people is otherwise.

I advise you of this for your guidance and further action.

Good-by until later, and may God grant that you continue in good health.


(Signed) Y. R.