Exhibit 1370.

[Original in Spanish. D.S. P.I.R., 965.7.]

TACLOBAN [LEYTE], March 14, 1899.

Sr. ESTEBAN APARRI Y TOMACION, Major of the Philippine Army, Military Commander of this garrison, and General in command of operations in this Province of Leyte.

In view of the critical conditions existing in the country, and the province having been officially declared in a state of seige; availing myself of the powers vested in me by the laws as Commander of Operations, I deemed it proper to issue the following:


1. From this date large and small vessels are forbidden to hold communication with the nearby islands of Samar, Cebu, Bohol and Suo rigao, without first securing a pass from these Headquarters, or from the military authorities at the points where detachments may be stationed, or in their absence from the local chiefs who, acting in accordance with the instructions that I have given for the purpose, will issue the proper safe conduct.

He who violates these provisions, shall be shot after a most summary court martial.

2. In the event of any part of our positions being occupied by the American troops, any Filipino who passes over to the enemy's camp, or who sells provisions, furnishes supplies or war material, information, or plans of fortifications, shall also be shot; and

3. From this date all native Filipinos between 16 and 50 years of age are obliged to take up arms in the defense of the country; with the understanding that those who fail to present themselves to the civil and military authorities of each district to offer their services and those who show cowardice or fear, shall be considered traitors to their country and therefore shall incur the same penalties as prescribed in the preceding articles.

Headquarters at Tacloban [Leyte], March 14th, 1899.

Commander, General in Chief.