Exhibit 1369.

[Original in Tagalog. A.L.S . P.I.R . , 1037 3.]

(Letter head) Revolutionary Government of the Philippines. Office of the President.


JANUARY 1, 1899.

1. On your arrival there you will organize the towns comprising the jurisdiction of the province of Leyte into Municipalities with their respective local presidentes, commissioners, and police.

II. You will collect war contributions from those who can afford to pay them, as a large amount of money is needed for the purchase of arms and other articles.

III. You will continue in force temporarily all taxes which were imposed during the Spanish domination.

IV. Women will be exempt from the payment of personal tax; however, if there be any of them willing to pay said tax the offer will be accepted and entered as war tax, provided the person is well-to-do.

V. All kinds of property belonging to Spaniards not married to native women will be confiscated as a measure on precaution, if they fail to pay a war tax of 5% of the value of their property; a detailed inventory will be made and kept by, and under the responsibility of, the receiver designed and the presidente of the town. If a Spaniard be married to a native woman and has a bad reputation in the town, his property will also be confiscated. Similar action will be taken with reference to Filipinos whose behavior has been unsatisfactory. On confiscating property a copy of the inventory will be sent to this office or to the Central Republican Government.

VI. When the amount of money collected has become large then, or once each month, a remittance will be made to this Government through trustworthy parties or by letters of exchange properly drawn by a resident foreign merchant.

VII. A duty of 5 % ad valorem will be collected on all merchandise shipped from or received at ports of the province in coastwise trade. Reliable persons will be placed in charge of the ports and the presidente of the town will audit the collections.

VIII. In case a controversy on matters of minor importance should arise owing to the people's want of judgment, a settlement shall be made by arbitration.

IX. The policy of the Government shall always be that of attraction and equal treatment to all, especially to foreigners.

X. No attention will be paid to claims of foreigners to be excused from payment of taxes or duties or compliance with the decrees or orders of this Government, unless it is otherwise ordered or directed by this Government. No merchandise will be shipped without the proper duty first having been paid.

XI. No discharge receipts shall be issued except those from stub books furnished by this Government, or, in lieu thereof, certificates shall be issued by the politico-military governor with a statement of the import and export duties and the amount collected. A report of the transaction will be made to this government within fifteen days.

XII. A duty of 15% ad valorem will be collected from all articles shipped abroad, and 5 % from all merchandise imported from foreign countries.


MALOLOS, January 1, 1899.

(SEAL) Revolutionary Government of the Philippines. Office of the President.