Exhibit 1367.

[Original in Spanish. Contemporary copy. P. I . R., 879.8.]

TACLOBAN, Dec. 19th, 1898.

I, Catalino Tarcela, Provisional Governor of the Province of Leyte, do hereby certify that there is to be found in these Provincial Headquarters the minutes of a meeting of which the following is an exact copy:

"In the town of Tacloban, on the 16th day of December, 1898, there was held, by unanimous consent, a meeting of the inhabitants of this the capital of this Province to give expression to the general sentiment of said inhabitants upon the heroic and untiring efforts of the defender of the Philippine Cause, Don Emilio Aguinaldo; and after several of the most prominent persons among those present were heard on the necessity of doing something in view of the abnormal conditions that at present obtain in this Island, it was decided that on this very day and in this Capital the Liberty and Independence of the Philippine Islands should be proclaimed, after which the glorious Banner of red and blue should be raised, and acclaim made of Don Catalino Tarcela as Governor of the entire Province under the leadership of that distinguished chieftain, Don Emilio Aguinaldo, said Governor being the proper person to handle the present situation; whereupon he was given ample power to do as his judgment might direct in matters of government and administration of this Island, the same however to be entirely of a provisional character until otherwise ordered by the Philippine Government; and to this end, after due proclamation, the same to be drawn up in writing and submitted to the Commissioners at Iloilo.

The Chief of the Province temporarily appointed ordered, also, that this action be communicated to all the towns of the Province, whereupon the inhabitants of said towns would undoubtedly be actuated by the same sentiments and likewise proclaim Liberty and Independence.

Whereupon the meeting was closed and these minutes copied out and subscribed by the President Governor and all others present.

Signed by Catalino Tarcela and 77 others.

The foregoing is an exact copy of the original to be found in this archive, the same being preserved in testimony hereof. And that the same appear of record and be sent to the Government of the Philippine Republic, I sign the foregoing in Tacloban this 19th day of December, 1898.


[SEAL.] Provisional Republican Government of Leyte.