Exhibit 1363.

[Original in Spanish. A.L.S. P.I.R., 2019.3.]

JANUARY 5, 1902.

To the Colonel, 2nd Military Chief of this Province:

As I find myself on this coast engaged in operations; and in order that it may soon come to the knowledge of your respected headquarters, I have the honor to transmit to you the tenor of the report, dated the 4th instant, which I made to Lieutenant Colonel, Seņor N. Abuque, with respect to the taking of the disloyal town of Santa Margarita, which is as follows:

At one o'clock on the night of the 2nd inst., the town of Santa Margarita was surrounded; when the volunteers and police of the same learned that we were then ready to enter, the houses were lighted up and the volunteers and police armed themselves; then the talutang and the drum were sounded, which was the signal for resisting our troops. Observing this act of hostility, I ordered an attack by full force with instructions that anyone offering resistance should be immediately shot; and these orders were so carried out, and four of the volunteers who resisted fell victims in this engagement. The local chief of the town, Benedicto Culili, was on the point of striking an acting officer, Seņor Norona, with his sword; but thanks to his companions, he was overpowered; and they at the same time made prisoners of eighteen volunteers and two secret police who were sent to the Judge of Investigation to be tried as traitors to our cause in accordance with law. I succeeded in burning three hundred houses which had recently been built;

I also ordered the lines or wires of the telegraph from Kalbayog to Santa Margarita to be cut and the posts taken down.

With respect to private persons who are not traitors, I have compelled them to be sent to our camps to be set to work at manual labor; furthermore, I must inform you that the majoriy of the traitors and volunteers of Santa Margarita succeeded in escaping, owing perhaps to the obscurity of the night, even though I made every effort to capture them.

I also inform you that on this date I have sent nine Relles volunteers who were scouting at Batu and accidentally ran across the guerrillas of Lieutenant Roales, to be tried by the Judge of Investigation; the rest of the band, who had revolvers, succeeded in escaping precipitately towards Kalbayog. The town of Relles is now reduced to ashes, I hereby inform you that I have added the following articles to our stores: one arroba of sulpher; one package of empty cartridges -M. and R. American; 13 empty cans; three large brass instruments, which were: one "licon," one trombone and a small "bombardon;" two rolls of telegraph wire; and 15 cavanes of Palay.

Furthermore, I desire to inform you that during this attack several official documents fell into my hands, they were found in the house of the traitor, Alejo Kastellano. One of these documents states that the aforesaid town is now under American Government. I have the documents here in my keeping.

I shall renew the march today, and continue operations against the towns that have submitted to American government, which are Nigaja, Evangelista and Natividad.

The enemy's detachments in the towns and barrios of Weyler, Relles, Santa Margarita and San Pelayo have abandoned same and have concentrated in Kalbayog.

I have the honor of submitting the above for your information and guidance.

God preserve you many years.

CAMP OF OPERATIONS, January 5, 1902.

(Signed) S. QUIOSON,

Stamp: "Headquarters, 1st Battalion, Samar Regiment."