Exhibit 1360.

[Original in Spanish. A.L.S. P.I.R., 820.5 ]

OCTOBER 6, 1901.

Sr. COLONEL, 2nd Chief of this Province.

In order to comply a good purpose of which I had conceived some time ago, and my weakness being aided by Divine Province in whom I place my poor and humble heart, I beg to inform you that on the 17th day of the month of September I received about 400 fighting men. These being brought together, I thought of entering on the evening of the 18th, that is to say to attack the enemy, but seeing the impossibility on account of certain inconveniences, I withdrew my forces since they were not sufficient to oppose the enemy's force. In view of this I returned to a study of the plan of combat. Then is the time when I encouraged two persons of influence who are the principales, Custodio Salazar and Valeriano Abahador, persons of trust and patriots, inciting them to aid me in the realization of my desire or intent. We three and various principales having agreed I returned to recruit fighting men in order to reinforce those I already had, which, when brought together, amounted to about 700 men.

On the 27th day of the month just passed at 7 o'clock at night I arrived with my column in the vicinity of the pueblo for the purpose of entering it and attacking the enemy. At 4 o'clock in the morning the pueblo was surrounded by my forces, the other men having nlready entered the pueblo on the 26th and 27th during the fiesta (haciendo el pintacase).

At 7 o'clock in the morning of Saturday the 28th, the meal hour, the time of the general assembling of all the workmen, in less than five minutes I was able to overcome the detachment of Balingiga, composed of seventy-five men. In this fight were killed all the officers, one major, one captain and one lieutenant; only five, who were badly wounded, escaped in barotos. I have collected all the war material; I have. captured more than 20,000 cartridges and some sixty rifles, American Mausers, and three sabres. In short it would be too long to report all my labors in writing. In a short time I will arrive solely to report this. Order what you please of your affectionate subordinate who loves you deeply and who kisses your hand.

(Signed) EU. DAZA,
Captain of Military Administrative Department.

P. S. - My regards to my beloved General and all the officers, Farewell, Mountains of the Sea.

OCTOBER 6th, 1901.