Exhibit 1359.

[Original in Spanish. Document signed. P. I. R., 502.6.]

OCTOBER 6, 1901.


On this date the Colonel has informed me, and it is with great pleasure that I communicate it to you for your general knowledge and the information of all the people, of the glorious achievement carried out successfully in the town of Balingiga on September 28th at 7 o'clock in the morning, by the inhabitants, led by the very worthy Local Chief, assisted by the principales of the town, and without other arms than bolos, overcoming in less than five minutes the detachment of the enemy composed of seventy-five men.

All were killed including a major, a captain and a lieutenant, with the exception of five badly wounded who survived and escaped in small boats to the adjacent Province of Leyte. We captured all their rifles, 20,000 rounds of ammunition, sabres, and, in short, everything in the barracks of the enemy and in the quarters of the American Major. On our part we sustained no loss.

Providential events like these clearly demonstrate the justice of a God of the forces which are vigilant, and are aids and a defense for the pueblo which they defend; a proper and legitimate right in accordance with positive and natural laws; in reality there was singularly revealed a principle of this war in the town of Balingiga which, today, has shown praiseworthy behavior, given without hope of reward or praise and without ostentation.

Imitate, then, brave compatriots, the example shown us by the praiseworthy people of Balingiga, procuring the death of all according to justice by certain means and with a happy ending to our plans.

We desire to attempt the same thing against the enemy, and thereby demonstrate in site of the nations our dignity, and with them bequeath to our successors fame and honesty, those successors whom we have made happy with their independence.

Finally, these headquarters comprehending the stoppage of agriculture in this province, desires that all the inhabitants will not suffer the price of food stuffs to be raised during the course of the war, this in order to assist our present and projected plans.

With entire confidence in your recognized patriotism, I hope for great activity and, if possible, that you will kindly cause all inhabitants to plant sweet potatoes, corn, etc., in the places which may be thought convenient, and for this purpose you will transmit this order to the headmen of the barrios who will constantly inspect them, punishing the first infraction of these orders, which are of general and individual benefit to each locality.

From the beginning of this work you will inform me every fifteen days, regarding the progress thereof for my information, in the same manner as I have already ordered many times during this war.

God keep and guard you many years.

Headquarters of Samar and Leyte this 6th day of October, 1901.

(Signed) LUKBAN,
Department Commander.

NOTE:-I have further notice of another attack like that just described, in one of the neighboring towns, likewise entered into by the inhabitants themselves, led by the Local Chief, and when I receive official confirmation, it will be my pleasure to immediately give you the name of the town and a description of the fight.

[NOTE BY COMPILER.-Copies of this letter were sent by Lukban to the local presidentes of all towns in Samar, as shown by his register of Letters sent.]