Exhibit 1358.

[Spanish L.S. P.I.R., 2007.6.]

SEPTEMBER 17, 1901.

No. 15

To the Colonel 2nd in command.

I have the honor to transmit to you the enclosed communication from the head of the barrio of San Miguel, in which he informs me with regard to the Americanistas Cipriano Manoso and Pablo Cabarles, sent to your headquarters in accordance with my order of the 12th instant, that the former, Manoso, died on the road, and the latter, Pablo Cabarles, escaped while in the custody and while being conducted by the sheriff, Blas Ensera, and the police guards, Simeon Gayondato and Catalino Vazques, whom I send you for your action, as they have shown infidelity in the custody of prisoners, and hence should be dealt with in accordance with law.

In order that both the death of Manoso and the escape of Cabarles may be properly proved, I have called on the head of the barrio to furnish sworn statements of both events, which I will send you as soon as received.

The escape of the Americanista Pablo Cabarles, who had confessed that he had acted as guide for the enemy when the latter entered Buan, is suspected not to have been accidental, especially for the reason that Cabarles was almost disabled, as was also his companion who died as a result of the numberless blows he had received from his guards, the police of the barrio of Hernandez, at the time of his arrest; and also because the said Cabarles is a native and resident of San Agustin, very near the barrio of San Miguel, and might have been a friend, or perhaps a relative, of those who guarded him.

God preserve you many years.

CAMP OF SAMAR, September 17, 1901.


Stamp: Battalion of Artillery - Samar.