Exhibit 1356.

[Original in Spanish and Visayas. Unsigned document P. I. R., 1197.10 ]

AUGUST 15, 1901.

To our worthy compatriots of the towns of Laoang, Palapag, Katubig and Pambujan.

OUR BELOVED COMPATRIOTS: Against our holy revolution there has appeared the proclamation of the unworthy parish priest of the town of Laoang, serving as an active poison in some sections, destroying the faith of various patriots, who have voluntarily surrendered to the American government. Said proclamation entails grave responsibilities upon our sound revolutionary band, a holy combination of beings who offer up their generous blood in exchange for prosperity and progress of our beloved people.

This noble work of charity of our revolution of redemption is inculcated by God in the minds of all of us, so that we may defend our down-trodden liberty, a liberty which God himself, maker of all things, ccncedes to mankind and to the constitution of each race. And therefore the sacrifice of life and property for the sake of other lives and common interests will never be displeasing to God. Every history of the human race and of nations is alike. All have suffered violent upheavals by war and by revolution, creating lakes of blood on the battlefields, on the altars of patriotic duty or of liberty.

In every war it is not surprising that the weaker seeks the mountains for protection. The great Washington himself of North America, after having lost 25,000 men on the battle-fields against the English during two years of struggle, had to withdraw to the mountains with the residue of his routed forces in order to revive the discouraged spirit of his soldiers. Meanwhile, Providence that watches over the weak, restored their drooping spirits, and he again moved his forces, surprising detachment after detachment, and he succeeded in making prisoners of more than a thousand English soldiers. Such a favorable event reanimated the dejected spirits of his fellow-citizens awaking the patriotic love of all, until at last, England, observing the tenacious determination and constancy of the Ameriean revolutionists, decided to give them their own government, recognizing their absolute independence.

Yet, according to the priest alluded to, the great Washington is comparable to an animal for having gone up into the mountains with his soldiers; and we, the Philippine revolutionists, who are in these mountains, working and suffering indescribable things on account of seeking means to defend our most holy liberty and independence, have the same epithet bestowed upon us by the said priest.

Know, our beloved compatriots, that the proclamation referred to reveals throughout nothing more than the desire of the author to have many parishioners in the church of Laoang, in order to be able to exploit to his taste the poor ignorant people; it matters nothing to him if the country be lost, it is sufficient if the town have inhabitants to preach to and he ean deceitfully draw upon the wealth of the parishioners. Let us look at the matter; this priest will never say it is a pity to have money donated to him or given to the convent; but he does say it is a pity to have money lost in the war, it being a fact that thereof progress is born. Hence we make our protest hereby against this proclamation, impolitic and harmful as it is, which impugns the laws of God; inasmuch as the author lacks charity to his brothers who are striving for the common ideal. Why does he oblige christians to live among Protestants? And why does he not oblige Americans to hear mass, confess and receive communion, as is their duty? This hypocrite permits himself to say nothing good in regard to religion, as he cannot take part therein on account of his sacrilegious acts. His mission is circumscribed merely to looking after souls, and has nothing to do with meddling in political questions; on the contrary, he is enjoined therefrom by the laws of the government, as I have all-eady said above.

Another question occurs to us as Christians. Why did Jesus bear the cross up Mount Calvary? Why did St. Joseph and Mary have the Chl1d Jesus born in a cave of the mountains? Identifying our revolutionary condition in these mountains with that of the Holy Family, the latter should also receive the name of animals from the aforesaid priest.


BALATIK, August 15,1901.