Exhibit 1349.

[Original in Spanhh. L.S P.I.R., 1265.1.]

MAY 17, 1901.

Lieutenant Colonel Sr. NARCISO ABUKE.

My DEAR LIEUTENANT COLONEL SR. ABUKE: I received your favor No. No. 52, dated yesterday, and I have noted its contents.

I send you herewith a document for the head of the barrio of Pilar, Sr. Andres Kaber, which authorizes him to collect war contributions in such towns as you may deem advisable, and therefore, you will kindly make a note of them in the margin of the authority referred to.

It would further the prompt collection of funds, if collectors were appointed, not only in the towns not occupied by the enemy, but also in those which they do occupy, as patriots there also wish to have some one to receive their offerings.

In addition to the collectors, it is well to have conspirators also in the towns garrisoned by the enemy, to head the uprising against the enemy when an opportunity occurs.

The persons selected by you for these places must be astute and active in order that the uprising may be successful.

It is not advisable that only one collector be apointed for all the towns garrisoned by the enemy, for they might get to know him; and in order that the collections may be successfully made, it is well to have one collector discharging these duties secretly in each town.

The communication addressed to you by Major Quiason came to hand, and I have noted what he says. In this connection I cannot but lament his misfortune and that of the soldier, but this is a debt which we will collect with interest of the enemy when the time comes.

Without anything further for the present, and hoping that you continue well, I am, etc.

(Signed) LUKBAN.

P. S. - In addition to the documents for Kaber, I send you the reports of the operations of Captain Abcede (?) which I will not note on the book until you send them to me officially, as also the letter for Ortiz and Kanuton.