Exhibit 1348.

(Original in Spanish. D. S. P. I. R . 928.2. ]

SAMAR, April 19, 1901.

In the Camp of the Province of Samar on the 19th of April, 1901, a meeting was held, by the Seņores local chiefs of the province and by the representatives of some pueblos whose Seņores Local Chiefs could not attend personally owing to war conditions; and also by the representatives of the towns occupied by the enemy and which was presided over by the Politico-Military Governor and General-in-Chief of operations of the Filipino Army of the same, Seņor Vicente Luckban y Rilles, who had called them together in order to treat of and decide upon the creed and platform of the Federal Party, the Municipal Code, the General Law for the organization of the provincial governments, which the American Civil Commission is endeavoring to establish, and, various letters from some Filipinos. inviting certain pueblos and the said Seņor Governor to surrender with the column under his command.

When the platform of said party, the articles of said code, and the aforementioned letters had been read for the information of all, they were unanimously rejected, inasmuch as each one on his own behalf and on that of their respective pueblos which they represented stated that:

First. They proclaimed before the world that they were ready to die rather than to submit to the American sovereignty under which they had never been in the post nor would they ever be in the future; and that the procedure of the Filipinos was in accordance with law and with reason, as well as with their constitution published in Kauit (Kavite) and ratified in the pueblo of Malolos, Bulacan; that the cause which they defend could not be more just, and consequently they should not be called insurgents, rebels, or bandits, but defenders of their own right imposed by nature itself, and faithful to their country.

Second. The Federal Party, Municipal Code, and General Law for the orgamzatIon of the provincial governments, as well as the papers in regard to the surrender of the Seņor Governor should be rejected and not be even given the honor of mention, inasmuch as the whole spirit of the first three tends to the monopoly and slavery of our country, and the latter ones are propositions of treason to a sacred cause, which all those present have sworn to defend until the last sacrifice; in view of the fact that the Filipino people is fully convinced that its happiness rests on a government of its own, founded on its liberty and independence.

Third. They strongly protest against said Federal Party, Municipal Code and laws for the organization of provincial governments, and against the surrenders with which they wish to intimidate the Seņor Governor, fully agreeing with the protest issued by the same Seņor Governor dated February 25th last, and that henceforth all propositions of peace shall be rejected which are not based on independence, in view of the fact that if the Americans desire positively to establish true peace in the Philippines, we have in the person of Seņor Emilio Aguinaldo, President of our nation, one who represents and personifies the just aspirations of the Filipino people; or, if not, in our Central Committee located abroad.

Fourth. Notwithstanding that the procedure of the Filipinos, in arms is in accordance with the laws of war, the Americans continue to break said laws; to pillage, to rob, to rape, and to commit arson on, the defenseless pueblos; and to shoot innocent people being of freqnent occurrence, which is vouched for by many pueblos of the province who haye witnessed and continue to witness such horrible and inhuman acts which stain with blood the old and brilliant pages of the history of the United States.

Fifth. From the beginning we have sacrificed our interests, lives and estates for the attainment of our glorious ideals, and which we still struggle for; and we shall ever strive after them, be the difficulties what they may, in the grand work for the independence of our country.

And Sixth. They strongly protest before the civilized world against the abuses committed by the Americans, who not only violate international law and the particular laws of war, but also are opposed to humanitarian sentiments and to the principles of sound morals, and consequently they never have recognized nor shall they ever recognize American sovereignty; and their motto shall ever by this sublime aspiration: Liberty or death, independence or extermination.

All of the foregoing was expressed by the Seņores present, who, with the Seņor Politico-Military Governor, sign this instrument in quintuplicate in proof thereof, for the proper purposes; to which I, the Secretary, certify.



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