Exhibit 1344.

[Original in Spanish. Unsigned Proclamation. P.I.R., 882.10.]

FEBRUARY 4th, 1901.

To THE FILIPINOS: It is now about two months since what is known as the "Federal Party" flashed its programme on the Philippine people. Its object, it says, is to end the present struggle. It seems to forget, however, that upon putting its seal to that document, the principal aim of which is the recognition of the sovereignty of the enemy, it not only insults both the Philippine army and the Philippine people, but also aims the most unlimited sarcasm at them. The Philippine people do not want to recognize that sovereignty because it is illegitimate, because it constitutes an odious yoke, and because it is a condition of servitude equal to, if not worse than, that which, but yesterday, they destroyed for a similar reason· They will bend under innumerable sufferings and sacrifices, pour out their generous blood, and, in the midst of desolation and ruin, stand heroically and firmly defending their native soil from the iniquitous ambition of the colossal invader.

My patriotic countrymen, let us indignantly reject this infamous suggestion addressed to us by a few traitors who have sold themselves, and who wish to lead us into an abyss of dishonor and make slaves of us.

The organizers of that contemptible body, while pretending to seek peace, would impose upon us as a condition the forfeiture of our most sacred rights and the renunciation of that nationality which is so justly ours, which is so inalienable, and for the preservation of which any country in the world worthy of the name would sacrifice even the last of her children.

Don't allow yourselves to be deceived by the lavish display of individual liberties so alluringly set forth in their platform; they are held out to you only as a tempting morsel, while no one guarantees that they shall be lived up to. Their brilliancy is that of tinsel. Those who make you those promises can not perform what they promise: they can only ask it of the American Government. And the American Government - it knows this, and makes promises only. It seems to deal in naught save procrastination, - promises always, and deeds never. And for this very reason these same promises reveal a profound bad faith. It promises while it sees itself at a disadvantage, while promises suit its needs. And afterwards - they promised us independence while the war with Spain was on; they continued to promise it until they could bring the necessary troops into the archipelago; but when they believed them· selves strong enough - well, you remember. Two years ago today exact· ly, off went the mask, and our towns were riddled with canister. They also promised us, invoking the Constitution, that they would not meddle with religious affairs, and there they are in Dagupan, Jaro, and elsewhere, forcing us to submit to our ancient tyrants, the Friars, whom we hate and who hate us. And they would make us promises to-day too, in stacks as high as heaven itself, for the period of Volunteer service is about to expire and within a few days they won't have any troops. And, of course, they'll go on promising us all sorts of things to see if they can get us to give up our arms, whereupon they would plunge us into the most despotic and brutal subjugation. Behold their works, and their conduct up to at first they treated their prisoners of war well, and respected life and property; later, when they judged us weak, they began first by burning the homes of those taking part in the revolution, and, later, those of their sympathizers; then their sympathizers were taken out from time to time and secretly shot at midnight; and finally their prisoners were taken out and legally hanged until dead in the broad light of day, and upon the merest suspicion the inhabitants of our fields and cities were tortured and sacked. To-day, however, they do not seek any pretext for firing and sacking, for tor· turing and killing, to-day they do not seek the cover of darkness for the perpetration of their brutal outrages and repulsive crimes, - to-day they do these things for pleasure, with impunity; and all of this the Government tolerates, consents to, and, if there be any outcry, even crders by terror-inspiring proclamations, giving arbitrary authorities a free hand in the perpetration of their misdeeds - the Government, though it may pay but little heed to these statements, approves and assists the Friars - those secular and insatiable vampires of our wealth and hangmen of our race - and carries its despotism to the extent of curbing the individual conscience and annihilating the press, which formerly enjoyed the free expression of opinion.

Any one can tell what their treatment of us would be later when no longer a shot is heard in the defence of liberty, and we have given ourselves into their hands, submissive and undefended. But, mind you, the spirit of justice so far shown by that Government and its agents in their dealings with us, both heretofore and now, is the guarantee brought forward and offered us by the "Federal Party" for the realization of their platform, so pregnant with beauteous rights and future concessions! Alas, poor fools, why trouble yourselves to deliver a treasure into the hands of persons, who, as anyone can see, are squandering what is within their reach! Why, none but a simpleton, or one who is blinded by the glitter of gold and desires personal gain, could conceive so monstrous an idea! None but a spiirt deep in the mire of treachery and villainy could have inspired such thoughts! And none could be found to preach them save men such as are preaching them now; whose god is their stomach and whose motto is the requirements of their pocketbooks; whose patriotism consists in invoking the name of the Philippine Islands when they wish to cry loudest and deceive the better; who yesterday, and louder than anyone else, cried out "Viva independence" when they saw the banner of the Revolution triumphant; and who, after egging on thousands of our comrades to the struggle, were the first, like the sycophants and cowards that they are, to shout "Viva the protection of America," and who to-morrow would cry with equal ardor "'Viva the sovereignty of the African cannibals" were those same African cannibals to invade our country with sufficient force. Skillful traitors these, who long to return to their former yoke and chains; creatures devoid of dignity and initiative, carried away by chimeras and visions whieh send them groveling at the feet of whomsoever happens to be their master, sweating in the repugnant filth of servility and abjection. Retrace your footsteps, on my countrymen, who unthinkingly have been caught in this trap! Think what you are doing! Can you not see that what these Philippine disciples of Judas offer you is not peace, but rather the surrender of all our liberties and our shameful subjugation? And even if they do make all these promises in their proclamations, back of which stands the invader, do you think for a moment that in practice they will be complied with? Yes, they f:hall be fulfilled when their originators want it so, and when they do not interfere with their own malignant schemes and interests. A foreign government looks only to the interests of its own, and your strongest arguments are met, and be met, by the convenience of the powers in Washington. Only a national government, made up of citizens of the country, can faithfully protect the interests of the inhabitants of that country; and this end can not be gained by subjecting ourselves to any foreign power. To get at our true welfare, our government must be unsophisticated by the interests of outsiders.

And only by the recognition of such a government, free and independent, can the conditions essential to peace be brought into existence and peace made.

We who are up in arms, will never consent to anything else while there is a drop of blood in our veins, while we retain the use of our arms, and while our hospitable forests furnish us shelter; so long shall we demand our rights, and our efforts shall yet be crowned with victory.

We can never look for those rights to be ours as long as we are a colony; and even if we were to believe the promises made us, we could not be satisfied with them alone. We demand the independence of a nation which by right belongs to us, and which, from the stand-point of justice and generous manhood, is our due. We didn't lay down our lives in '98 for a change of masters; we didn't raise a flag to take it down again an hour later as is done in a theatrical performance.

Until such time as our Government and our independence are recognized, we shall not lay down our arms; honor obliges us to this stand, and our duty to our country demands it.

Comrades, long live the independent Philippine Islands, and down with the disciples of Judas!!