Exhibit 1342.

[Original in Spanish. Contemporary copy. P.I. R ., 824 1.]

FEBRUARY 1, 1901.

Compatriots of Samar:

On the 11th of the present month, my birthday, I contracted marriage with Srta. Paciencia Gonzales, native of Catbalogan, which is my second marriage, before the principales of the province, and numerous chiefs and officials who came to entertain me in these mountains. In announcing to you my marriage, my object is to show to the province one more proof of my true and affectionate love for this province which I must never abandon to slavery in the clutches of the American Eagle. while there remains to be the breath of life; the supreme government having seen fit to entrust the province to me, I have sworn before our holy flag to defend it until death, the sincerity of which oath I have already shown more than once, and I continue to show as you see; and, thanks to your aid, union, constancy and abnegation you have followed well on our task; and since your most worthy fellow citizens of Samar and relatives, and my connections by marriage have been constant until now, I have had the pleasure of giving you a complete proof that here in Samar I must shed my blood and give my life with yours in the defense of our just and holy cause; but I hope that the constancy you have shown me until now may be more ardent, and that you will accompany me to the tomb if it should be necessary for our adored country who more than ever requires our efforts in order to free her from slavery. Be alert and ready, and recollect that should your lot in the conflict be adverse, it is better to die with honor than to live dishonored. That is what your general says to you.


The following will be killed:

1st. Soldiers and citizens (noncombatants), whatever their nationality, who go out from our camps with the purpose of going to the enemy to giye him information of the state of our forces and details of the ground our army occupies.

2nd. Likewise those who, being in the enemy's camp, go outside of it to the pueblos, visitas or barrios of the province to purchase edibles and sell them to the enemy; or, on the other hand, to acquire information of our forces in order to make it known to them, being in appearance neutrals, but who in reality, for their own individual interests, favor the enemy to the detriment of the country.

3rd. Those who, being in our camp, shall hold or maintain correspondence with any suspicious persons in the camp of the enemy.

4th. The Filipinos who, finding themselves in our camp, pass to the enemy without previous permission from this government.

5th. The following will be protected by this government: All Filipinos and all inhabitants of this province who comply with the obligations that the country requires.

6th. Repeating my former orders, every foreigner who remains neutral will be protected, and the chiefs and the officials who operate in this province of my command and the local Presidentes of tlle same will proceed to capture spies of the enemy, evil-doers, and people of bad lives, forwarding them by my authority for their execution in accordance with law, and watching constantly for the exact fulfillment of the present order.

Make a note of this in the colonel's headquarters in order that it may be known by all the chiefs and officers of operations and send it to all the pueblos of the province for general information and exact compliance.

Done in the headquarters at Matuguinao, February 1, 1901. Vicente Lukban, Politico-Military Governor.

Note has been taken of this in the colonel's headquarters under No. 54. The Colonel, Claro Guevara.

The end.