Exhibit 1338.

[Original in Spanish. Signed proclamation. P. I. R , 882 2.]

Samar, Oct. 11th, 1900.

To the worthy inhabitants and sons of the Island or Province of Samar (Philippine Islands).

The Governor of this Province is greatly pleased with the patriotism and constancy that from day to day you are showing, like the good and worthy sons you are; and as representatives of the Government of the Philippine Republic, I can not pass by in silence such a noble display of patriotic spirit which, as though engraved in your noble and generous breasts, you are daily giving further proofs of in carrying out the glorious undertaking commenced in '96 by our worthy brothers of Luzon, and which has been seconded by you since January of the present year with such dash, patience and abnegation, notwithstanding the poverty and suffering of the inhabitants of this province of Inter-Visayas (Philippine Islands); and it therefore pleases me to extend to you my most cordial and sincere congratulation; and I hope that such a spirit shall not diminish, but rather become firmly rooted in your hearts, for this is the only means by which we can hope to reach our desired end, - namely, independence.

Beloved Samarians: Our fields are saturated by the blood of many of our martyred brothers who heroically and with a smile on their lips sacrificed their very lives on the altars of duty; blood which, spilled on fertile ground, becomes a rich seed which you should guard as expert horticulturists, and by remembering those who have died, follow in their foot steps, observe the same conduct and continue to show that valor which up to the present you have shown and proven. And furthermore, as every Filipino of dignity, and with a patriotic heart, should not remain indifferent to actual conditions and fail to appear in the field and there contribute by his efforts, sacrifices and abnegation as do his heroic brothers; and to spill, if necessary, his blood on the altars of his beloved country; I have deemed it well, even though the war is now well under way in this Province, to call your attention to the immortal William Tell who, while fighting for the liberty of his native Switzerland, addressed his countrymen and the liberators of the nations that are to-day independent, saying that any young man or widower who might declare his love to a maiden should be rejected by her until he could show that he had been in the field and fought the enemy; for otherwise it is clear that he is a coward and incapable of defending his own rights, his interests, his very life, - in a word, his country, For can the man who has not passed through the crucible of battle, where everyone shows what he is made of, possibly be capable of defending his family when it most needs his protection? No. indeed; for the mere fact that he has failed to take part in. this worthy struggle clearly shows that he does not know how to stand up for his native land; and as his country represents the unity of all that he should love - his family and his interests - can there be any doubt that he is incapable of defending the same? Without further seeking to prove the veracity of my statements, let us recall the treatment of our daughters at the hands of the Friars and Civil Guards when we were under Spain, * * * And for this same reason, I repeat, the man who does not enter this struggle is unworthy of a woman's love, and the object of his affection should say to him, in the words of the patriotic Mexican girl, "Accursed be the man who does not take up arms in the cause of his country; may he never find a place of reo fuge nor a woman to help him. May the hatred of their loved ones ever be the reward of those who betray their country, for they are as devoid of dignity as they are of shame."

Now, therefore, I call on the Local Chiefs, Popular Delegates, Heads of Barrios and distinguished and influential persons throughout the various towns to implant these sentiments deeply in the hearts of their daughters, and the women over them; and that they reject such men as seek their daughters in marriage until they can prove by means of certificates from Post Commanders, viseed by these Headquarters, that they have been in the field and fought heroically against the enemy. And those who, for the reason that they have not such certificates, go over to the enemy's country so as to be able to marry, will be considered and treated as unworthy of their country.

Perhaps this proclamation may seem severe and undemocratic to you, but it is not; although its scheme is, at first sight, simple, its meaning is highly patriotic, and is equally beneficial to the country and the family. Your daughters should seek worthy men as their husbands, to whom they may safely entrust their personal protection, welfare and happiness. This, I believe, is not unusual, for it has been done more than once by the women of Switzerland, Mexico and other countries, even at a time when their most worthy sons were struggling for their mdependence. And you, Samarians, should do likewise; for thus can you do your mite towards helping our beloved country, which moans and cries out for liberty and independence.

In closing I exhort you a thousand times not to give your daughters in marriage to men who can not show certificates from the Commander of Operations, viseed by the Second Military Headquarters of this Province (should I be absent), showing that they have been in the field and have fought herokally against the enemy in defense of our country.

Your General,

(Signed) V. LUKBAN.

MEMORANDUM. - By order of the General you will please furnish copies of this proclamation to all the Local Authorities, influential and distinguished persons, and Heads of Barrios; the same to be posted in the most frequented and public places for general information and guidance.

(Signed) F. PEŅARANDA,
The Captain-Secretary.