Exhibit 1336.

[Extract from Spanish letter sent book .. P . I . R,. Books B.]

SEPTEMBER 17, 1900.

GENERAL: * * * honor to inform you that I reached this island of Burias without accident.

I hasten to inform your superior authority that according to information from reliable persons of this town proceeding from the island of Masbate; as far back as the 15th of the past month, a part of the troops belonging to the column of the invincible General Vicente Lukban of Samar reached that island and they say he went in search of the chiefs and officers who surrendered in May last, in addition to which they are now exchanging shots with the American detachment in Palanog, having already settled with one of those who contributed to the said surrender, the old Spanish merchant of that island, named Echevarria, whom they not only had murdered, but included the entire family for having made resistance; and in spite of these reports, I have had to send a dispatch myself from this town for immediate fulfillment of your esteemed communication No. 219, etc., etc.

God preserve you many years, general.

CLAVERIA, September 17, 1900.

Colonel, Commanding officer 2nd Battalion.

To General of Division, Superior Military Chief of this province and general-in-chief of the army in the field, Citizen VITO BELARMINO.