Exhibit 1332.

[Original in Spanish. Unsigned document. P.I.R. 973.5 .]

AUGUST 4, 1900.

I, Vicente Lukban y Rilles, Politico-Military Governor of this Province of Samar, (Philippines), and General in chief of the same, hereby proclaim that:

In any revolution in any part of the civilized world it is a very natural consequence that abuses and acts of barbarism should occur, as is shown by the pages of history; but fortunately in the revolution in Samar, one of the small and poor provinces of the Archipelago, up to the present time no such acts have occurred, my proclamations and other provisions having been faithfully ohserved by the inhahitants of the same, all of them working with the same pure ideal in view, namely, their independence. These heroic acts are known to the foreign men-of-war and merchant vessels which have seen during the past months of May, June, July and during the present month, how those American Imperialists, availing themselves of their powerful arms, roved about the seas and made the province tremble night and day, destroying with their cannon both towns which have been defended and those which are defenseless; nevertheless, our soldiers with their characteristic bravery and self denial maintained themselves firmly in the trenches, proclaiming in the face of the world, that they refused, do now refuse, and will continue to refuse American imperialistic sovereignty in this portion of the Philippines, and that said enemy, with all his power and wealth, will never be able to enslave us.

Furthermore, as the representative of the Philippine Government in this province, called upon to continually watch over the common welfare, and always desirous that the just cause we defend, while progressing gloriously and triumphantly, shall not be stained or hindered by anything which could disturb its order, which has been my endeavor up to the present time, I believe it my duty to repeat my former proclamations, and as Politico-Military Governor of this province and General-in-Chief of the same, I order and command that:

The following shall be shot to death (pasado por las armas):

1. All persons who shall fail to respect the life of an enemy after he shall have surrendered his arms in battle, or who shall wound the personal or national dignity of prisoners of war, which said prisoners shall be given all assistance necessary to reach my headquarters.

2. Those who shall go over to the enemy's camp or who shall furnish him information regarding the best plan of attack, informing him of the ground.

3. Those who shall serve the enemy as spies.

4. Those who shall rape a woman.

5. Those who shall violate the laws and proclamations of war of this government issued on former dates.

6. Those who shall fail to respect the lives and interests of foreigners, as it is the duty of every Filipino to furnish them all possible assistance to reach their destination, provided they maintain themselves neutral.

7. Those who shall rob or pillage [the goods of] any citizen, foreigner or Filipino, or forcibly enter their dwellings.

Given at the General Headquarters at Buan, August 4, 1900.

Politico-Military Governor and General in Chief.