Exhibit 1331.

[Original in Spanish. Contemporary copy. P . I. R ., 882.1.]

July 25, 1900.

To whom it may concern:

The Philippine people have ever been hospitable and moved by humane sentiments towards those who have sought the protection of our spotless banner. On the other hand it is well known that not all the North-Americans are so grasping as to wish to gain control over us and make a colony of our country; on the contrary, the majority of them, the democrats, mindful of the principles of their early statesmen, flatly refuse their consent to such unjust schemes and are not willing to fight us; indeed they wish to assist us in the just cause which we defend.

In view of prevailing conditions I feel called upon to publish an edict affording the enemy of this province our best protection and aid whenever and wherever they seek the same:

1. Any of the enemy who wish to present themselves to me seeking protection for their lives, may do so by making use of a white flag and by previously turning over their arms to tbe Philippine officer in command of the nearest detachment who will authorize a trustworthy person to receive the arms at a place agreed upon; and once said delivery is made, they shall present themselves to said commanding officer who will afford them such treatment as their rank and character entitle them to, furnishing them good food and other necessaries until they are turned over to these Headquarters, whereupon they will be given due protection and assistance provided they recognize our cause as legitimate and just, as in reality it is. And they shall be entitled, also, to continue their residence in this Province after the war has ceased under the same conditions as at present.

2. Any Filipino soldier or other person attached to our cause who sacks, robs, maltreats, or upbraids the nation or person of any American who presents himself to our forces and surrenders his arms, will be immediately shot to death; hence Post Commanders and Chiefs and Officials of Operations will keep a strict watch for such occurrences and will send before me all persons violating this Decree.

Given at the General Headquarters of Mag-Talo on the 25th day of July, 1900.

Governor and General in-Chief (rubric).

In the margin appears a seal which reads: Military Headquarters of the Province of Samar.