Exhibit 1322.

[Original in Visayan. D. S. P. I. R., 973.3.]

FEBRUARY 4, 1900.


1. A guerrilla officer shall appoint two sergeants and four corporals when his company is fifty men strong, and four sergeants and eight corporals when the same is one hundred men strong.

2. The sergeant who is second in command after the officer, shall strictly obey his superior's orders, or otherwise, shall be punished according to Military Regulations.

3. Every man shall obey his superiors, either officers or sergeants or corporals, in all which would be favorable to our cause.

4. The guerrilla officer shall strictly obey the orders given by the Inspector of Guerrillas, as far as military tactics and warfare are concerned.

5. The guerrilla soldier who captures twenty five guns and a great quantity of ammunition shall be promoted to the rank of second lieutenant of the regular army; and if the guns captured amount to fifty, one hundred, two hundred, etc., he shall be promoted to the rank of first lieutenant, captain, major, etc., respectively.

6. A guerrilla officer shall look after the health of his men, and shall do his best in the collection of war contributions. In the event of his men needing food, he shall send notice to the head of the barrio.

7. A guerrilla officer shall be held responsible for the behavior of his subordinates, and the guilty parties shall be sent up to me or to my chiefs of columns for punishment.

8. A guerrilla officer shall try in every possible way to make prisoners of our enemies, and in case they make any resistance he is to shoot them.

9. A guerrilla officer shall prevent any act of abuse or destruction or robbery attempted by his men; those found guilty of these acts shall be sent to the chiefs or inspectors of columns.

10. A guerrilla officer shall prevent any unlawful collection of war contributions, and those who are found guilty of such shall be sent up to me or to my chiefs of columns.

FIELD OF SAMAR, February 4, 1900.

(Signed) LUKBAN, General.