Exhibit 1319. [Extract from Spanish. L. S. P. I. R., 882.11.] CEBU, January 10, 1899 [1900?]. Sr. VICENTE LUKBAN, Katbalogan, Samar. MY DEAR AND UNFORGETTABLE GENERAL: I arrived here from Manila on the 8th instant with authority from the Centre and from Mrs. Rosalia Magdalo [E. Aguinaldo], who granted me permission to pass to the reserves; nevertheless she deigned to confer a commission upon me for this province, to make a visit of inspection, and at the same time to transmit her instructions regarding tactics, etc., connected with the war and present conditions, and after executing said commission, I shall go to that town in order to have the great pleasure of greeting you and all your worthy companions, and at the same time to place myself at your orders. As a special charge from the Centre, is the system of guerrilla warfare which the people in arms are to pursue, in groups or sections of 20 or 25, even less, members, for the purpose of continually harassing the enemy and not letting him rest; with instructions not to fire until they are within 40 to 50 meters, so that they will not miss and the bullets may find their target and have the proper effect. The greatest economy possible in ammunition and o+her elements of war is charged, for the simple reason that they cannot be secured easily, by virtue of the present conditions through which the country is passing, and the means of communication. That soldiers in battle must not kneel nor lie down on the ground, because the Americans aim very low, it being a well known fact that since they pursue these, tactics, many of our men have died from bullets in the head or chest, while if they stood up the bullets would pass or hit them 1n the leg, feet or thighs, which wounds are not mortal or serious. However, in your good judgment as commander you will take into consideration the topography. Instructions are also given to have large stores of munitions of war and provisions in the mountains, taking into consideration the fact that this war is to be prolonged for a long period, until America or its government grants us our longed.for independence, and our victory lies in the prolongation of the war. * * * There is nothing new here, although many tales are told of you by the priests who fled from there. In Bacolod (Negros) an armed conspiracy against the Americans has been discovered. The latter instituted an investigation and shot more than 200 persons and threw about 60 into the sea; but as all of them were wealthy and well known persons, there is a general uprising against the Yankees at the present time in Negros. * * * (Signed) K. K.