Exhibit 1274.

[Original in Spanish. D.S. P.I.R., 881.4.]

KABATUAN, Oct. 14th, 1899.


Martin F. Delegado, General and Politico-Military Governor of the Province of Ilollo.

As a consequence of the frequent assaults and robberies committed by persons wearing military uniforms, and with the determination to correct, with a firm hand, such scandalous conduct, which, besides causing such deeds to be laid at the door of the military, also makes it easier for evildoers to commit their misdeeds, I have, at the suggestion of the Councillor of Police, ordered the following:

1. From this date forward all private citizens are absolutely prohibited from wearing military uniforms.

2. All authorities, both civil and military, under this Government, are obliged to see to the strict enforcement of this edict.

3. All persons who, not being in the military service, are, after the publication of this edict, found wearing military uniforms, and who can not show that they are in the military service, will be suspected as evildoers and will be sent to this Government to be subjected to the corresponding corrective measures.

4. All persons in the military service, whether they be in active service or in the reserve, are obliged to provide themselves with the proper credentials.

5. Last Article: All Local Councils will see that their respective volunteer forces have proper military uniforms and that they are provided with the necessary credentials showing that they are in the military service; and persons wearing the military uniform who can not show said credentials will be arrested and sent before this government.


(Seal) Politico-Military Government of the Province of Iloilo.