Exhibit 1273.

[Original in Spanish. D.S, P.I.R., 1172.3.]

KABATUAN, October 10, 1899.

(Stamp.) "Politico-Military Government of the Province of Iloilo."

(In the margin:) "Kabatuan, Janiuay, Lambunao, Kalinog, Passi, Duenas, San Enrique, Dingle."

To the Local Presidentes mentioned in the margin:

There was issued, on the 15th of November 1898, by the Revolutionary Government in Malolos the following decree.



In order to regulate the use of arms by private persons, and to have a fixed rule for the issuance of licenses therefore, I hereby decree the following:

1st. For the license of one revolver for one year, three pesos, $3.00.

2nd. For the license of one shot-gun or of a rifle, for one year, four pesos, $4.00.

3rd. Licenses for said arms shall only be issued by the Office of the President of the Revolutionary Government, or by the War Department, upon the recommendation of the Military or Provincial Chief, or wlth the report of the Local Chief with respect to the good conduct and mode of living of the applicant, payment therefor to be made in stamps of the State, which shall be attached to these licenses and cancelled with the seal of the Office of the President or of the War Department.

4th. It shall be a necessary requisite to the validity of the licenses which are issued, to present and register them in the Office of the Military or Civil Chief of the province where the parties concerned belong.

5th. All licenses issued by the military, provincial and local Chiefs, are hereby annulled.

In view of the regulation for the carrying of arms by private persons, which directly affects the internal order of the Province and the protection of private interests; taking into consideration that owing to the present state of affairs, the lack of communication with the Central Government in Luzon, brought about by the state of war, makes it, if not impossible, at least very difficult and expensive to comply with Section 3 of the transcribed decree, in so far as it refers to the issuance of licenses by the President of the Revolutionary Government or by the War Department; there being no later order with respect to this matter, and in order not to leave neglected, even for a moment the security of internal order of the province and the protection of private interest, I hereby order the following:

1st. All the fire-arms mentioned in the foregoing decree shall be confiscated if those who hold them are not provided with the proper license.

2nd. The licenses issued by the Federal Council of State shall be exchanged for those which this Politico-Military Government shall issue after having complied with the provisions of the foregoing decree.

3rd. In order to comply with that part of Section 3 of the foregoing decree which refers to the issuance of licenses by the President of the Revolutionary Government or by the War Department, this Politico-Military Government will receive the applications and will issue receipts which will be exchanged later on, when communication with the Central Government becomes possible, with those which the latter may issue in favor of the applicants, according to what has been provided or what may be provided.

4th. Compliance with this order shall be required fifteen days after its publication in the towns of this province.

5th. The Local Presidentes shall publish this order by the town crier and by posting it, and each shall report of having complied therewith.

Forward this from one town to another and let the last one return it with the acknowledgements of all.

God preserve you many years for our liberty and independence.

Kabatuan, October 10, 1899.

Politico-Military Governor General.

(Five acknowledgements follow.-TR.)