Exhibit 1266.

[Original in Spanish. D. S. P. I . R., Books. C. 7. ]

KABATUAN, [PANAY] September 23rd, 1899.


Office of the President, Kabatuan, September 29th, 1899 September 23rd, 18991. Present: the Councilors appearing on the margin. Sr. Jovito Yusay presided, and the undersigned acted as secretary, being the junior member present. The President opened the session, and the Secretary read the minutes of the preceding meeting, which were approved.

The President took the floor and called the attention of those present to the action of the military who had appeared under arms at these headquarters and presented a memorial drawn up by them at Santa Barbara wherein they requested the establishment of a Politico-Military Government and consenquently the suppression of the Federal Council of State. He also read the Decree of the same date issued by Martin Delgado, General-in-Chief of the Army, who had been proclaimed Politico-Military Governor of this Province, and exhibited an official communication, signed on this date by General Delgado, directing that the books and archives of the Federal Council of State be turned over, and appointing Srs. Angel Cortesa and Carlos Ledesma to receive the same and turn them over to the Local Council of this town; and he closed by requesting the opinion of the Councilors as to what action the Council should take.

It was unanimously agreed by those present that they should immediately resign as a body from office as they had decided to do some time ago, and for which sole purpose this meeting had been called on the 19th and repeated on the 20th of this month, in which the military were called upon to proceed to the organization of a Politico-Military Government as ordered in the Decree of the Honorable, the President of the Republic, dated the 27th of last April.

The President being of the same opinion, he declared the Council disbanded and directed the delivery of the books and archives to Srs. Angel Cortesa and Carlos Ledesma.

There being no other business to transact, these minutes were closed and signed by all present, to which I, the Acting Secretary, certify.


(And two others.)

1This must be September 23, 1899, which is the date above it.