Exhibit 1256.

[Original in Spanish. D.S. P.I.R., Books, C.7.]

KABATUAN [PANAY], June 2nd, 1899.


Office of the President, Kabatuan, June 2nd, 1899. Present in extraordinary session the Councilors appearing on the margin, they having been previously cited in due form in view of the arrival of Sr. Zoilo Mauricio Commissioner sent by the Honorable Emilio Aguinaldo to direct the movement of the revolution in the Island of Negros, and who wishes to place himself under the orders of this Government and be subject to the ruling of the same with regard to this matter.

The President opened the session at 5:30 o'clock p. m., whereupon I, the secretary read the minutes of the previous meeting which were approved without amendment by the Council. The Council then proceeded to the consideration of the matter in hand upon which the following resolutions were passed:

Whereas Iloilo does not produce sufficient for its own consumption, and in the present war with the United States it receives assistance on a large scale from our brothers of said Island of Negros, which, therefore would suffer equally with us from the blockade were war declared over there; and whereas a revolutionary movement commenced there would accomplish nothing both in view of the conditions which at present obtain there and due to the geographical situation of the island; the Council resolved that the Island should continue in its present status, and that a communication should be directed to Seņor Dionisio Papa, Chief of a revoluntary nucleus, so as they might cooperate with Sr. Zoilo Mauricio in such political plans as they might desire; and another communication to Sr. Luis Ginete, Chief of another revolutionary body directing him to withdraw his forces from Negros and attach them to the General Headquarters of Santa Barbara.

The towns which fly our tri-colored banner are blockaded; and as a result they are suffering from want and require an immediate and effective relief; to this end the Council resolved to direct a communication to Seņor Felix Montinola, a resident of Saravia (Occidental Negros), directing him to send us large quantities of rice at the Expense of the Government.

This matter, for the consideration of which the meeting had been called, having been disposed of, the Council proceeded to the consideration of other matters brought up by the Councilors, and resolved:

1. To approve the creation of a society to be known as the "Red Cross" whose duty it would be to gather funds (or supplies) for the hospitals. This matter was brought up at the suggestion of the Inspector of Military Sanitation. * * * [Remainder relates to local affairs - TRANSLATOR.]

There being no other business to be transacted, the session was closed and these minutes drawn up and signed by those present; in faith whereof I, the General Secretary, sign.

Acting President.

(And five others.)