Exhibit 1250.

[Original in Spanish. Contemporary copy. P.I.R. 1094. 10]

APRIL 28, 1899.

Sr. Juan Perez Gonzalez, Major of Infantry, and Secretary of the Headquarters of which Sr. Martin F. Delgado is the General in Chief.

Certifies: That in the archives of this Office, there is on file the following communication:

There is a stamp which says: Philippine Republic - Council of Government.

To General MARTIN F. DELGADO, Iloilo.

GENERAL: - By order of the President, Emilio Aguinaldo, I send to you your appointment as Politico-Military Governor of the province and the measures adopted by this national Government in view of the present conditions. The Government has learned that a majority of the members of the Federal Council have remained in the towns occupied by the American forces, for which reason I believe the moment has come to dissolve it, as the present state of the country demands the greatest unity possible between all the Islands in order to repulse the foreign invasion. When peace shall again reign and the national independence shall be assured, a Regional Government better constituted could be established, when the real Representatives of the Islands composing the Visayan group shall so decide.

We have directed General Diocno not to withdraw from you his efficient assistance and that he recognize you as the Chief of operations as long as the war lasts in that province. You can agree with him as to the appointment of a Delegate to take charge of the Politico-Military Government of Antique, or recognize the one elected by a mass meeting of the "principales" of that province, all in a provisional character until this Government shall give its approval.

The President has great faith in your ability and loyalty which have been shown in an evident manner.

I greet you with the greatest affection and consideration.

SAN ISIDRO, April 28, 1899.

There is a stamp which says: Philippine Republican Government.