OTIS, FEBRUARY 11, 1900, 1012 AM

MANILA. (Received February 11, 1900-10.12 a. m.)


Deaths: Drowned—February 4, Wesley Randall, A; 5th, Arlendon Tucker, E, Forty-eighth Infantry, Rio San Juan de Deposito, Luzon. Fever, malarial—December 6, William H. Erwin, A, Fourth Cavalry; January 18, George H. Walters, I, Thirty-eighth Infantry; February 4, John F. Sellman, corporal, C, Twenty-seventh Infantry. Dysentery-3d, First Lieut. Assist. Surg. Brainard S. Higley, jr., United States Army, 12.30 p. m.; January 31, John H. Coakley, K, Thirty-fourth Infantry; February 2, Zade E. Kitchen, M, Seventeenth Infantry. Variola—January 25, William H. Street, G, Thirty-sixth Infantry; February 2, Preston B. Brook, H, Thirty-sixth Infantry; 10th, Leander Hobby, M, Thirty-sixth Infantry. Concussion of brain-1st, Louis O. Nelson, G, Twelfth Infantry. Abscess liver-3d, James H. Sullivan, C, Nineteenth Infantry. Organic heart lesion-5th, Maurice Cain, A, Twenty-second Infantry. Nephritis--6th, William A Ogden, M, Thirty-second Infantry. Peritonitis-7th, Percy Leadberter, corporal, Band, Thirteenth Infantry. Sarcoma of stomach-4th, James Moloney, H, Twenty-sixth Infantry. Gunshot, accidental—December 23, Christy Underhill, corporal, B, Thirty-second Infantry; January 31, Lewis Whalery, A, Forty-ninth Infantry.